Erik Holm is one of South Africa's pioneering entomologists with a large number of scientific publications under the belt. He has gained publicity as a result of his participation in radio programs, such as Hoe verklaar jy dit.

He writes a regular rubric for Beeld and acts as an adviser on ecologically feasible farming and other practices. In addition, he renovated old ox-wagons and established the Ossewa-lodge in Hartbeespoort Dam.

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Homo sapiens en ander diere


This selection from Erik Holm 's newspaper columns focuses on humankind’s relationship with other life forms, necessitating serious reflection on humankind’s place on earth.

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The first section discusses humankind’s coexistence with other living organisms, as well as ethical issues such as extinction and eradication. The nature vs nurture debate is also explored from different viewpoints. Holm helps us to conceive strange animal phenomena, like some birds' spooky tails, but show in a very amusing manner that these phenomena also have human equivalents! He mocks "green" sentiments and misconceptions about sustainability, recycling, and other human fears, but also points to the need to combat waste. The last sections deal with political, economic, and cultural phenomena. He also asks whether science as we know it may have reached its end, because “what remains to be found?” In addition, there are so many superstitions, gimmicks, and twisted facts in circulation that rational thinking is often shifted to the background. Lastly, he remarks on beautiful African animal and place names, and our tendency to conserve and gather.

In his rubrics, Erik Holm discusses topics ranging from politics, farming, recycling, the threat of species and habitats, prejudices, to complicated scientific theories. Whether you agree with everything he writes or not, Erik Holm is always intelligent, surprising, and stimulating.



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General public. Holm writes in an accessible and entertaining way about a wide range of topics. Illustrations by the author himself produce humorous comments on the serious and topical issues in the rubrics.

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Erik Holm


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Januarie 2018

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